Birthday Wishes for Sister

Sisters are a blessing! And especially the younger ones. They are like the lights of the house. They keep everything happy with their innocence and never forget the all-day talking machine. And when It comes to birthday’s, again they are the most exciting creatures. And well, younger sisters should be excited for their day, that proves that they are loved by everyone in the family. Though for siblings be it sister or brother sometimes they are their headaches but that doesn’t mean it lessens the love between them. 

So, if it’s your younger sister’s birthday then you’re most welcome to the page. Here we have a collection of some lovely, funny, heartwarming birthday wishes, that are 60 in total, for younger sister. 

Birthday wishes for your younger Sister

Hey cutie, wish you a many happy and joyous returns of the day. We all love you. 

Wishing you the Happiest birthday my star. You’re the one whose smile came brighten my day, no matter what.

We have spent so much time of our life together! And I’m glad for every moment of our childhood. Happiest birthday my Younger sister. 

Lucky are those who have younger sisters. And I’m glad to have you. Happiest birthday my adorable girl. May God shower you with all his blessings.

Happiest birthday to my flower-like beautiful and mood-brightening, adorable younger sister. 

Wishing many joyous and wonderful returns of the day to the life of our house. Oh, we feel so blessed to have you, my sister. 

Happy birthday to the world’s most cute and lovely sister. You’re a special one. Remember that.

Happiest birthday to our talkative fairy. I love it when you keep talking and when you realize that no one is responding and then you start talking more but angrily. We do notice you ok.

You should be awarded a title named Mood Lifter. Because that’s what you do to everyone. Happiest birthday sissy! Have a great day. 

Young and beautiful, that’s what you are. Happiest birthday my adorable Younger sister. Enjoy your day today.

Happiest birthday my Cutie Pie. Let’s have a party today. The treat is on me. Love you!

Happiest birthday my dear. You’re younger than me. But still you know me so well. You’re my darling. God bless you. 

I remember how you go silent when something wrong happens to me. I know that silence. Thanks for loving and caring for me so much. Happiest birthday sissy! Love you.

I just realized that you’re an Angel! Happiest birthday Angel. Thanks for coming in my life sister. You made it more beautiful. 

I love it when you get annoyed. And tbh, I can’t stop annoying you. Happiest birthday younger sissy! Don’t forget that I love you.

Happiest birthday to my special one. You’re the apple of my eye, my darling Sissy!

Even if you’re growing up, I won’t stop protecting you. You’ll always find me by your side. Happiest birthday my Dear sister. May God bless you. 

Lucky are those who have a younger sister. So, thanks for making me lucky. Happiest birthday my lovely sister. 

Happiest birthday my lovely sister. Tell me do you have some special powers? For you make us feel so blessed to have you.

You never fail to understand my mood. How can you be so loving and caring when you’re still younger than me. Happiest birthday my Darling sissy. 

Wishing you a many happy returns of the day my younger sister. Wish you all the best for your future ahead! God bless you. 

Happy birthday my darling sissy. May God bless you with all the happiness and a bright future ahead. Lots of love. 

You’re a special person to me, my younger sissy. Many happy returns of this special day to you. You’re amazing. 

Happiest birthday to the smartest girl I know. You’re a wonderful girl. May God bless you with all his blessings, my dear.

Happiest birthday darling! I can never forget the memories that we had shared our childhood together. You’re my special one. God bless you, my lovely sister.

Happiest returns of the day to the most beautiful girl. Stay younger. Stay happy. We love you.

Never let that child in you die. Remember that sister. Because that’s what makes you, You. Happiest birthday to my most loving young sister. 

You’re all happy and bright. Happiest birthday my younger sister. I love you and I’ll always remain by your side. Trust me.

Happy birthday to my bestie! I never needed a friend because of you, my younger sister. Lots of love. 

Happiest birthday to my bestie. I never needed a friend because you were always there for me, My younger sister. You’re a wonderful human girl. God bless you.

Happiest birthday sister. I’m glad I’ve got not only a young sister but also a best friend in you. God bless you. 

You’re Carefree! And be that way for I am here to protect you. Just live your life the way you want. Happiest birthday my sister.

Happy birthday darling and Thanks for making me tea, coffee, and Maggie whenever you felt like I need it. You’re the best younger sister ever. I love you. 

Dear sister, you’re the most adorable girl I know. Happiest birthday younger one!

Happiest birthday my younger doll. Not only me but our whole family feels blessed to have an angel like you with us. Lots of love!

You’re growing in a bold and strong lady my sister. Oh, I miss our childhood. May God bless you. Happiest birthday my younger sister. 

Happy birthday my younger sister. You’re as cheerful as Sunday mornings. As shiny as star. God bless you, dear.

Hey, cutie pie. I know how it is to handle me sometimes but you still manage it. You’re so kind. Wishing you a many happy returns of the day my younger sister. 

I love you even if we fight sometimes because you’re the only best sister I can have. Happiest birthday my Younger sissy!

Those late-night talks, spilling secrets we, we are growing. Let’s promise today that this will remain the same. Happiest birthday my bestie. I’m glad to have a younger sister like you.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Hey, headache. Wish you many happy returns of the day. Look at me how good I am. For how much I love you even if you’re a headache, sometimes.

I am sorry for ordering like a boss. But you’re still so good to me. I love you, sissy. Happy birthday to you princess. 

Sometimes I forget whose elder, you or me. For you act more like an adult than me. Happiest birthday my younger sister. Let me be the eldest one today! 

What to say to an already beautiful and blessed girl. Also, you’re lucky to have me – Happiest birthday my sissy!

Fighting is what we are born for. Hope you get some brain from me and stop fighting with me. Kidding! Happiest birthday my darling.

You annoy me like a bug but I still love you. Such a good person I am. Btw Happy birthday My dear sister.

Sometimes you make me so angry. But you know what I still love you, even if you’re annoying. Happy birthday, my dear younger sister.

Happiest birthday to my favorite cartoon. Lots of kisses and hugs!

Well, you do have the rights to take my clothes and shoes and makeup. But now as you’re growing up, you should remember the same right applies to me. Be aware of your stuff now. Happiest birthday my younger cutie!

Happiest birthday to my permanent partner in crime. Have a wonderful day sissy!

Well, many people say that we look alike. Happiest birthday to you. And thank me later for I’m beautiful and looking like me makes you the same. 😉

From dancing like stupid to crying over breakups. Our life is incomplete without each other. Happiest birthday my Younger sister. Have a great day today.

Wake up! My sleeping beauty. It’s your special day, make it count. Lots of kisses and hugs. You’re just perfect younger sissy.

I wish you a many fabulous and joyous returns of the day my younger sister. Just stay the same as you are because you’re amazing the way you are. Have a fantastic day today.

You know sometimes I feel jealous of you, for how cute are you. Happiest birthday my cute little sister. Hope you have a very bright year ahead.

Happiest birthday my Younger baby girl. I think I need to start learning from you how to live a happy life. Btw party hard today.

Hey my love. I wish you grow up into a human girl like me. Happiest birthday my animal. 

I know you secretly enjoy fighting with me. Because I secretly so the same. Oh, you’re the best younger sister I can have. Have a fantastic birthday today. Good bless you.

Happiest birthday my younger sister. Thank God for you have me. Kidding! You’re already blessed my baby girl.

Happiest birthday my Lovely sister.  I wish to be like you, though I elder, as mannered as you are. You’re a princess. 

Hope you enjoy the wishes and found it helpful. Thank you for visiting.