Birthday Wishes for Lover

Life is never easy! But you know what adds the happiness to life, a meaning and strength to keep up the struggle?

It is the love. Love is one of the luckiest thing a human being can have. And the one who are loved and loves others, wins at life. Love is such a strong emotion. And when it comes on us, to show how much we love the person who is always there to help you out, to give you support and has always loved you no matter what, then you should put all your efforts in doing it. 

And especially if it the Birthday of your lover. Birthday’s are so special. It is one of the day that every individual feel happy about! 

So, if it’s the birthday of your lover and you want to wish them in a way that will make them realize how much importance they have in your life then you’ve came to the right page. 

Here we have total 60 wishes for your lover that will help you out with the wish. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Birthday wishes for Lover

I still remember the day when I first saw you. Trust me baby, that was the best moment of my life. Happiest birthday darling. 

I thought of writing about how much I love you but then the flow of thoughts and emotions soon became essay and then it was turning into novel, so I stopped. But I just wanted to say you mean the world to me. Happiest birthday to you!

Wish you a many happy returns of the day hunny bunny. I love you and I’ll always do.

You was always there when I needed you the most. And I promise baby I’ll be the same with you. Happiest birthday sunshine.

Happy birthday, love. You are like a light to me in my darkness. How can I live without you!

Wish you a many happy returns of the day, honey. I can fight against the whole world just to see you smile. Really. 

Happy birthday baby. You’re birthday is like a festival to me. And It’s my favorite festive. So let’s celebrate together. 

Darling you mean the world to me. Happiest birthday. May god bless you with all the happiness of the world.

I wish all your wishes come true. God bless you with all his blessing. My love, Happy birthday!

I never knew what it is to look at someone and smile until I met you. Thanks for making me see what true love is. Happiest birthday sweetie!

The first time I saw you.. my heart was beating to the point of exploding. I never knew any one can captivate me the way you do. Happiest birthday, life.

Happiest birthday to you, my salvation!

You touched me in the ways no body touched. You’re touch made me feel alive. And I am grateful for it. Happiest birthday, handsome.

Well it’s the birthday of the most beautiful girl I’ve seen. I cannot stop falling for you. Happy birthday darling!

Growing old is a part of life. But trust me baby my love will never fade with time. I love you. Happy birthday.

I’ve never met with such a handsome gentleman in my life. And now that I have met you, I’m not letting you go to any other for the rest of my life. Happiest birthday, babe.

I’m in love with all of you. It’s just the way you are that I fall for you every day. Happy birthday luv. 

Hey, prince charming. Thanks for making my dreams come true. Happiest birthday, my prince. 

Happy birthday my adorable girl. I’m so proud to call you my girl. You’re the reason of my happiness. 

You need to know that you’re mine and I’m yours and there nobody in the world that can replace us. Happiest birthday to you, my heart.

I love the way you laugh. And I want you to be happy and be carefree like that. For other things I’m there. You just stay happy. Happiest birthday, princess. 

I know sometimes I irritate you a lot. I make you mad. Thanks for tolerating me babe. Happy birthday sweetheart. 

Wish you a many fabulous and wonderful returns of the day, baby. You’re my most favorite person and I can’t stop falling in love with you again and again.

I know reading my message is what making you smile on such a special day. What else I want. I just wish that smile on your face remains for ever. Happiest birthday, baby.

Happy birthday bae. I don’t know how to write the exact words that will make you realize how much I love you. But trust me, I really do.

Happy birthday, my life. I don’t what I have been without you and your love. I feel so lucky that I have you.

Hey, I feel as if I’m the most luckiest person on this earth. It’s all because of you. Happiest birthday, angel.

Thanks for scolding me whenever I needed it. Thanks for loving me even when you scold me. I love you and I don’t have words to tell you what you are to me. Happiest birthday, my life. 

They say true love finds you in your worsts. I can say it’s so true, for I have you. Happiest birthday darling.

You’re growing old baby. No actually we are growing old with so much love in our heart. Thanks for making my dream come true. Happiest birthday, luv.

You’ve always been so bold and strong. You inspire me. You motivate me. And I love you more than you do. Remember that. Happy birthday sunshine. 

Happiest birthday my sweetheart. You’re so adorable. You’re impressive. And I’m in love with you. Again.

I tried so hard to not love you like crazy but I can’t. Now there’s no going back. I’ll always love you. Happiest birthday darling.

You’re the apple of my eye! Happy birthday to the love of my life. 

Allow me to make this day of yours a memorable one. Happiest birthday darling!

You’re my strength baby. I cannot imagine my life without you. And I love you. Happiest birthday darling.

Happiest birthday dear. You’re the most kindest soul I’ve ever met. You’re the best person in my life and I cannot tell you how much I love you. 

Happiest birthday to the woman/man of my dreams. You captivate me in ways no one can and that’s what makes you different. 

Hey, babe. Wish you a many happy returns of the day. I think You’re an angel came on earth to teach some manners in a devil like me! 

There are two things, to saw, four words for you – Happy birthday, My Heart.

Happiest birthday babe. Never knew I can love someone so unconditionally. But you made me do it. 

I’m glad that I have you as my life partner. I cannot thank enough to God for making it happen. Happiest birthday sweetie!

Happy birthday to the world’s most understanding human being. You’re my salvation honey.

Happiest birthday to you. What to say, I’m still thinking. Cause I don’t know if words can justify my whole emotions to you. So I’ll just say that I love you and you know I mean every word.

Happiest birthday to you My Queen. You’ll always be a ruler of my heart. Allow me my queen, to make this special day of yours much more special. 

It’s like a festival to me. I mean your day. And let’s just celebrate it together then. Happiest birthday baby.

Nobody can understand the depth of my love for you. But always remember I’ll always be there when you’ll need me the most. Happiest birthday luv.

I hate to say that I’ve come a bit late in your life but trust me I’m not going anywhere now. Happiest birthday my adorable lover. 

Happiest birthday bae. You’re cuteness is increasing day by day. Making me insane. Do something with it babe.

Happiest birthday darling. I know we get mad on each other very often but trust me that will never lessen my love for you.

Happy birthday to the world’s most wonderful human being. Love you babe.

I remember not caring for any one until I met you and felt what it is to love and be loved. Thank you for everything. Wish you many happy returns of the day. 

I love you darling. Happiest birthday to you. I’m so proud to call you mine!

Happy birthday, My lifeline. I wish God bless you with all the happiness of the world. 

The day I met you I knew I’ve found a home. A home I’m never going to leave. Happiest birthday, My heart.

The way you protect me, the way you make love to me, oh! And how you care for me. I love you for everything that you do to me. Happiest birthday , my Luck.

Hey, how can I stop loving you when you’re so innocent, so loving, even brave when needed to be. I’m glad I have you. Happiest birthday love.

Today’s the day when my life partner was born. How can I forget. This day is very special for me. Happiest birthday sweetie. 

Wish you the most happiest and joyous birthday my adorable girl/boy. Never let that carefree spirit of yours ever fade. For that’s what makes you, You.

Happiest birthday to the only person I love with all my heart.

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