Birthday Wishes for Father, Happy Birthday Dad

“It was my father who taught me to value myself.” – Dawn French.

So true. Fathers are lifeline. Consider yourself really lucky guys if you have your father with you. Father’s are so important. They are the backbone of the family. We can consider family as the garden. Let mother be the gardener who nourishes and takes care and father the land, Where will the garden stand without a land?! 

So as for father’s birthday, it’s the duty of their children’s to make them feel special with all the love they have for their father. And so here we have 60 birthday wishes for father that will help you to show your father how much you love and respect him. Give us the opportunity to let your love for your father express through our words. You will find the best wishes here. Enjoy! 

Birthday wishes for father.

Dear Daddy, wish you a many happy returns of the day. I know I don’t say it always but I do love you a lot Daddy.

Happiest birthday to my lifeline. Oh dad, what will I do without you.

Happy birthday papa. I wish you receive all the happiness of the world.

Thanks father, for giving me hope even when I lost it in me. Wish you a many happy returns of the day Dear Papa.

Happiest birthday to me first love. My Daddy.

Hey, my superhero. Happy birthday to you dad. You made me believe that superhero exist in real life too.

Thanks dad for everything you’ve done for me, for our family. We all are glad that we have you in our life. Happy birthday Father.

You know Dad, I never knew what it is to sacrifice for our loved ones until I saw you doing that everyday. Thank you so much for loving us. I’m glad I’m your child. Happiest birthday Daddy.

Happiest birthday to the world’s most loving and caring father.

Even when everyone stopped believing me you still believed in me. I love you so much father. As it is your day, I’m sending you all the love from me. Happiest birthday, Dear father. 

Wish you a many fabulous returns of the day. You the world’s best dad. And oh! Handsome too😜. Love you dad.

It’s the day when I’ll celebrate the birth of my strength, for you are my strength father. Happy birthday to you Papa.

I love it when you take my side whenever momma scolds me. Thanks for always protecting me dad. Happy birthday daddy.

And here you receive the wish from your spoiled daughter, as everyone keep saying. But daddy this spoiled daughter of yours loves you a lot. Happiest birthday father.

Another year full of adventures passed. You’re such a strong man, my father. I wish this coming year will go easy on you. Happy birthday father. Love you.

I feel so proud when people say I’m like you. It’s feels so honorable. Love you so much dad and wish you a many happy returns of the day.

I feel so safe when I am with you dad. It’s like I’m the most lucky child on earth because I have a father like you. Happiest birthday dad.

When I saw you sacrificing your needs for the family, I realized what a gem, as a father, I have. And that day, dear father, I felt so proud of you. My heart holds so much love and respect for you. Wish you the most fantastic returns of the day pappa.

I may not be the perfect child of yours daddy. I keep making mistakes. And I try to improve. But even in my imperfection, my love for you is perfect. Happiest birthday father.

I remember you holding my hand to cross the road. I realized how much you love me father. Now let me clear it to you. I love you papa. And I wish you the many happy returns of the day. 

Dearest daddy, I wish you a many happy returns of the day. Thanks for always helping me when I couldn’t find the right direction in my life. You’re such a mentor dad.

Happiest birthday to the world of mine. Yes daddy you are everything to me.

Dear daddy, you made all my dreams come true. I can never thank you enough for that. You are the best dad. Happiest birthday dad.

Well, I found no words to express my gratitude, my love, my respect for you father. But in the most simplest language it will take 4 words. I. Love. You. Daddy. Happiest birthday to you papa. Have a great day.

Happiest birthday to the man who is most loved by me and momma. Have a great year ahead dad. God’s blessing and our prayers are always there with you.

You’re the only human, I know, will never think ill of me. I know How much you love me father. And I love you much more. Thanks for everything that you’ve done for me dad. Happiest birthday dad.

I never knew I can have an angel on earth. You’re the one I have as my angel. Happiest birthday father.

Happiest birthday dad. From teaching me how to ride a bicycle to helping me and advising me with my life problems. You were there. Always. Love you dad. 

We never talk much. And yes, we fight a lot. But that doesn’t lessen my love for you. I will always have a special place for you in my heart, dad. Happiest birthday dad.

My life is nothing without you, father. I’m nothing without you. Happiest birthday daddy. Remember that you are my life.

Dear daddy, whenever I felt weak I always wanted you by my side. And you were always there for me. Wish you the most happiest birthday. I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me dad.

You are such a great gentleman daddy, responsible as well as smart. I wish to be a man like you. Happy birthday to you papa. 

I want to be the exact same dad to my kids as you are to me father. You are such a fabulous human. Wish you a many happy returns of the day dear dad.

Thanks for teaching me how to be a leader. How to stay strong even if things are not going in right direction. You are a great teacher dad. Happiest birthday to you. 

Happiest birthday to the universe’s best daddy. You are so special dad. Love you. 

Happiness is when your dad hugs you when you are at the point of a break down. Can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me dad. Happiest birthday dad. Have great dad.

I cannot imagine the world without you daddy for you are everything to me. Promise me you will always be there with me. Happy birthday papa.

One day I’ll make you proud of me dad. I promise. Happiest birthday to you daddy.

Happy birthday papa. They say when children grow up they don’t care for their parent. But how wrong they are. They’ve only met a few. Trust me dad I’ll prove them wrong.

Fighting back the problems instead of crying over them, just came from within me. It took a moment to realize that it’s your trait that’s running in my blood. Happiest birthday to the strongest man. May God fulfil your every wish dad.

I remember being excited to tell you what I want on my birthday. Now it’s time for you to be happy and tension free, dad. Let me what gift you want and it’s yours for your child is a adult now. Wishing you a many happy returns of the day dad. 

Dear dad, Happiest birthday to you. Have a great day. You’re princess loves you.

Happiest birthday daddy. This Idiot son of yours loves you to the moon and back. The party is on your soon today. 

Dear daddy, let me clear it to you. You’re daughter loves you more than any member in the family. Wish a many happy returns of the day my Hero.

Happiest birthday to the rock star father of the smart kids. For we are just like you. Love you dad.

I miss how we used to be. All laughing and talking. But then I grew up and with time we lost that fun. But dad, Our bond remains as strong as it was before. Happiest birthday day. Love you dad.

I remember the smile on your face on my first success. That was the most humble and hearty smile I received from you. Dad that day will always stay special just as you are special to me. Happy birthday dad.

Happiest birthday father. I pray all your wishes come true. Have a happy, prosperous and healthy life ahead. 

 Wish you a many happy returns of the day. Dad, thanks for always protecting me from my irritating siblings. Because of you they never tried to even fight with me. Oh! That was really fun. Thanks dad for being so protective. Love you so much.

Happiest birthday dad. I’m feel so blessed to have you as my father. Thanks for giving me the wings dad. Thanks for reminding me that I can fly.

How can someone have such a kind soul?! You are the only person, dad, who have the most kind heart. Happiest birthday daddy. You’re a tough man with a kind soul.

Many happy returns of the day to my mother’s and mine own first love. We love you dad. 

Hard from outside and soft from inside. This is what the cruel world made you. But I know dad, what you go through everyday just to see you family smile. We are glad we have you and your family loves you. Happy birthday dad. 

Happiest birthday papa. I don’t know how much I’ll have to write if I want you to know how much I love you and what place you hold in my heart. So, let’s say it in short, I’m nothing without you papa. And I love you so much. You’re the Best Papa.

Dear father, you know what makes me smile even on my worst day?, it’s that smile on your face that gives me peace and strength. That reminds me I’m strong. Happiest birthday papa. Keep smiling.

Happy birthday to my one and only support system. Love you dad.

It’s the day which I celebrate more then my own birthday because it’s your day dad. Happiest birthday to you.

 Happy birthday papa. Whenever I am able to make you smile or laugh because of me. I get such a proud feeling because of that happiness on your face. I wish you stay happy like that always papa.

Wishing you the most happiest birthday daddy. Through all your tension away for today and get ready for the party! 

You taught me how to walk. You guided me when I needed the guidance. You handled me when I was getting into the wrong direction. You were the one who kept me from falling. You’ve became my mentor as well as friend, dad whenever needed. I can’t thank you enough. I love you dad. Happy birthday!

So these were the birthday wishes for father. Hope you all enjoyed it and found all the wishes useful. Thank you for visiting our page.