Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl, Happy Birthday Little Girl

An angel is born to the family. Yes, little baby girls are no less than an angel. They are a blessing. People who get blessed with baby girls must be lucky. So if it’s the baby girl’s day and you’re trying to put your emotion into a wish for her. Then you’re at the right place. Though baby girl cannot understand much, you’re blessing and wishes will reach her. Here, we have filled with love, heartwarming wishes to wish the baby girl. Hope you’ll enjoy. 

Birthday wishes for Baby Girl from Parents

Here’s the day when we had got blessed with an angel. My baby girl, you’ve made our life so beautiful. Happiest birthday my Angel. 

No Matter where you go, how much you grow, I will always remain by your side. Happy birthday my sweet little baby.

My girl has shown my what purity is! She’s so pure and innocent. I wish you remain the same. Happy birthday my adorable baby girl. 

Happiest birthday to the world’s most innocent and beautiful creature. May God bless you with all the happiness of the world. 

Dear baby girl, thanks for reminding that I can smile even on my worst days. I cannot thank God enough for blessing us with a child like you. Happiest birthday my sweetie.

It’s My baby girl’s day, I wish she always have that innocence in her and that the smile on her face will never fade. Happy birthday my cute little baby girl.

It’s been only a year, and my baby girl seems to grow up so fast as if it’s been only a week. I wish you have a happy and healthy growing my child. Happiest birthday darling. 

Happy birthday my sweet doll. You’re such an adorable child! May you get blessed with all the joy of the world. 

You’ve come in our life like a most awaited dream came true. You added so much joy in our life. Happiest birthday my little angel.

May you have a great year ahead and many more fantastic years coming. Happiest birthday my little doll.

I wish this little girl of mine grows into an kind and loving lady. Happy birthday my baby girl. I feel so blessed to have you!

And here comes the day of my most lovely and amazing little girl. I wish you all the best for your future my darling. Happy birthday!

My dearest baby girl, wish you a many happy returns of the day. I wish you have a bright and smart future ahead. Keep shining my love.

Happiest birthday my sweetheart. You’re presence in our life has made us more joyous. You’ve already became my favorite human. God bless you, my baby girl.

I can see that naughty but innocent girl already in you. I always wanted a child like you. Happiest birthday my doll.

You will always be my little and sweet baby girl, no matter how much old you will get. Happy birthday my child.

Happy birthday my Baby Girl. Now you don’t know how much you mean to me. You’re me angel..

God must have been in a good mood to bless us with a baby girl like you. Oh! How joyous I am, my child. Wish you a many happy returns of the day. 

To us, you’re like a rain on the barren land. Thanks for nourishing our life, my baby girl. Happiest birthday my star.

Happiest birthday my heart. You’re the best thing that had ever happened to me. We love you to the moon and back. God bless you sweetie.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl from Relatives

Happy birthday! You’re parent are so lucky to have such an adorable baby girl. May god bless you. 

Aww! I can someone be so cute. Wish you a many happy returns of the day baby girl. I wish you have a very bright future ahead.

Wishing you a many blessed and fantastic birthday, dear baby. I wish you have all the happiness and love in your life ahead!

Finally I’ve found a perfect baby girl to dress up like a doll with all the cute pink colors. You’re parent are blessed. Happiest birthday my little doll.

This beauty of yours is mesmerizing, baby girl. Wish you a fabulous birthday baby.

Happiest birthday to the baby girl. May God bless her with an amazing future ahead. 

Happy birthday to the most lovely girl. I wish you grow into a very pretty and sensible woman. God bless you dear.

Like a shining star you entered our life.  Every where were smiles and tears of happiness. You’re an angel. Happy birthday baby girl.

I’m sure you will have a great future ahead. For it seems you’re already blessed dear baby girl. Happiest birthday to you star.

Happiest birthday my lovely baby girl. Welcome to the family. And let’s make it clear you’re the cutest girl in the family!

Dear baby girl, you’ve added so much brightness and joy to your parents life. I wish you always remain the same. Happiest birthday sweet child.

I love it how you added so much colors to our family. Happiest birthday my adorable baby girl. God bless you.

You’re going to grow into an amazing girl. I can bet on that. Happiest birthday my adorable girl. May God bless you.

You’re only an year old but you have so many more days ahead to make so many memorable day. I wish you all the wonderful things in life. Happy birthday. 

A princess born to the king and queen! Happiest birthday princess. 

I guess I need to replace my teddy with you! Wishing you a cuddly and loving birthday, baby girl.

You are going to grow into a woman admired by everyone. I’m sure. Happiest birthday darling girl. 

I cannot wait to see you grow dear. You’re such an admirable child. How can miss? Happiest birthday baby girl.

Hey little angel, Happy birthday. Hope you have a great future ahead!

Welcome to our spicy family baby girl. We are glad to know that you are a part of ours. Happiest birthday to you darling. 

From Siblings :-

Happiest birthday my little sweet girl. I’m cannot express my happiness to have you. 

I know we will have so many wonderful memories to make. I cannot wait for you to grow soon. Happy birthday my lovely sister. 

I always wanted a baby sister like her and finally God has blessed me with you. Happiest birthday my adorable sweet sister. 

Hey baby girl, thanks for coming to our family. Our parent are proud to have you and so do am I. Happiest birthday sunshine. 

Oh my dear sister, I can’t wait to share our childhood with you. Happiest birthday to you and grow up fast sissy!

You’re so priceless my dear. I’m glad you’re born in our family. Happiest birthday to you baby girl. 

Happiest  birthday to my doll. I’ll always protect you. Count it on me! For you are very dear to me, my dear baby sister.

I guess I’ve found my partner in crime! I wish you all the very best and wonderful birthday my cutest sister.

Wishing you the most happiest and joyous birthday. I hope you can feel how much we love you and will always do. 

Happy birthday to my lovely sister. We’re going to have so much fun together when you’ll grow up. I cannot wait to see you talking laughing and fighting with me. 

Happy birthday Angel. You’re so adorable and cute. I can’t resist the urge to cuddle you. But you’re so fragile and sweet how can I make you cry. And so I’ll wait for now.

Thanks mummy daddy for this precious doll you have given me as a sister. Happiest birthday my doll. God bless you. 

I wish you many fabulous returns of the day my innocent baby girl. I want to see you grow up and do so many memorable things with you. 

I feel the luckiest to have a baby sister like you. Happy birthday to you. Lots of love!

Beautiful like mummy and strong like daddy. That’s what me sister is. Happiest birthday my cute little perfect sissy.

You’re a wonderful baby girl I’ve ever seen. Happiest birthday princess. 

May God bless you with all the happiness and love. Happiest birthday my sweetheart baby girl. Have an amazing life ahead!

I automatically smile when I see you. You’re a magic born in this family. Can’t wait to know you more. Happiest birthday my adorable baby sister. 

I’ll teach you how to be strong because that all you need. You’re a sister of a smart human😜 wish you all the best for your future. Happiest birthday baby girl.

Happy birthday little angel. Thanks for entering in our life. You’re just amazing. Lots of love and kisses. 

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