Belated Birthday Wishes for Best Friend, Brother, Sister, Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Did you forget to wish your special ones their birthday?? And now you’re wondering to make it up to them and make them realize that you didn’t do it knowingly. Right? So here are the best wishes for you to make your loved ones feel loved and that they aren’t forgotten by you. We have put together more than 55+ Belated Birthday Wishes to save you from their Anger. Just Kidding! Make sure to wish them with the Best Lines they deserve.

Belated Birthday wishes for Best Friend

Have to heard that “great things take time”. And both of us know that I’m great. And that’s why I am late. 😁 belated happy birthday

Hey! You know I love you. Right? I know I’m late and I’m so sorry for that dear. Belated happy birthday to you.

I know you enjoyed a lot and can’t wait to tell me everything. Belated happy birthday friend. Thanks for being there for me always.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
Belated Birthday Wishes for Best Friend, Belated Birthday Wishes

You should feel lucky to have me as a friend and it should be enough for you. So please don’t get angry with me. Happy belated birthday dude.

I’m sorry for being so busy but I love you. Belated happy birthday.

We have been so long with each other. And you know how forgetful I am. Thanks for you always understand me. Happy belated birthday cutie.

Belated happy birthday. Ok I know I’m late And I’m so sorry dear. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Oh! There’s no need to apologize to my bestie. You know me. How terrible forgetful person I am. So, love you. Belated happy birthday bestie.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Lover

I love you baby. I’ve been busy lately and I was unable to give you my time but now I’ll make it up to you. Belated happy birthday.

I don’t know how to tell you what you mean to me. I’m so careless but baby you mean the world to me. Belated happy birthday to you bae. Love you

Happy birthday baby. So what if it’s belated we will still celebrate. Ok

Belated Birthday Wishes for Lover, Belated Birthday Wishes

I’m ready to see you mad at me. But before that let me tell you I LOVE YOU!! Belated happy birthday.

I’m such a bad person. Isn’t? But I’m yours and I love you so much. I’m sorry for the late wish. Belated happy birthday my love

Happy birthday My Tom. Being your Jerry made me forget your birthday because you know I love teasing you. Belated Happy birthday!

Smile big. Don’t get angry with me. I love you and you know it. Belated happy birthday.

Belated Wishes for Brother, Sister’s Birthday

I remember the first time we started fighting and we still fight but I always forget your birthday bro. And I’ll continue doing that haha. Belated happy birthday brother/sis.

Belated Happy birthday my cute sis .you know your brother loves you and how forgetful he is. So I apologize. I’m sorry for the late wish.

I’ll make you a cake I promise. But first accept my apology. Belated happy birthday Brother

Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother
Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother, Belated Birthday Wishes

You know you are the best sister I have and also I know you are a kind person. Belated happy birthday my sweetie

I know you enjoyed it a lot without me at your birthday party. And I missed you. Belated happy birthday Sister.

Belated happy birthday love. I don’t know how can I forget such a special day. I hope you enjoyed your day.

It was such a special day and I was not there. I missed being with you. Belated happy birthday to you.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Love

This is so shameful. It was your birthday and I forgot. But I know you are a forgivable person isn’t. Happy belated birthday dear. Luv you.

I promise it won’t happen again. Seriously. Belated happy birthday queen

You are so precious to me. And still I made a mistake. I’m only human ain’t i babe? Belated happy birthday sweetheart

Hey! I’m ready for the punishment because I did a great sin. Still, if I can wish now. So, belated happy birthday mah prince/princess.

Hey handsome. Belated happy birthday. Can’t wait to hear all about your special day.

You’re the apple to my pie. Belated happy birthday sweetie. And I’m sorry for being late.

You’ll get a double gift from me. Now smile and belated happy birthday .also I’m really sorry for being late

I stayed so busy that I hardly had time to text you dear but I had in my mind your birthday. But again I’m sorry and belated happy birthday dear.

You are the bested thing that ever happened to me and still I forgot my king’s birthday. I apologize for that. Happy belated birthday you highness.

I’ve got all your favorite snacks and You’ll have it after you’ll accept my apology. And I know you will. Belated happy birthday my prince.

Sweetheart, I’ve been busy but you know why so please forgive for being late. Belated happy birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Next time I’ll be the one to wish you on your birthday. For this time I know I’m late. Belated happy birthday dear. God bless you with lots of happiness.

You are such a great forgiving soul, my love. Isn’t it? So I hope you’ll forgive me and you’ll accept my apology. Belated happy birthday lovely.

Belated Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
Belated Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend, Belated Birthday Wishes

I’m such a forgetful person. But how can I forget such a special day and especially when It was your day. But No worries I’ll make it up to you. Belated happy birthday.

Hey beautiful, happy birthday, belated. Your beauty always keeps me out of touch of reality and to I got late in hitting the reality and got late to wish my beautiful fairy

May your birthday bring happiness to you. Belated happy birthday dear.

I pray for you every day and that’s the reason wishing you a day late makes no difference. Belated happy birthday.

Sorry for being late sweetie. Belated happy birthday dear. God bless you.

You are the worlds best person And you make my life so worth living. Belated Happy birthday darling.

I saw your birthday pics. You were shining so bright and you looked brilliant. And I felt sad for not being there. Happy belated birthday, sweetie

You are such a strong and brave person. And I’m so proud of you. Happy birthday, belated.

Belated Bday Wishes for Boyfriend

Everyone wishes you on your birthday. But I wanted the birthday boy/girl’s attention separately and so I’m late. Belated Happy birthday

You know I’m weird and I did things weird too and so here I am wishing a belated happy birthday. God bless you.

I remember how we used you go together on our birthdays to distribute chocolate. And I miss that as we are miles apart. Belated Happy birthday honey.

Late Wishes for Boyfriend
Belated Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend, Belated Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated birthday my dearest friend. I’ve been busy lately. But let’s meet up soon. Hope you enjoyed your day.

You’ve been always such a nice person and you know you are always loved for it. Belated happy birthday.

Now I realize what it means to be really busy. I won’t complain to anyone now. Belated Happy birthday dear.

Belated Happy birthday Darling I’m sorry for being late this time.

Happy Belated Wishes for Friend’s Birthday

Belated Happy Birthday sunshine. Keep shining.

Angry face don’t suit you. So give a big smile and happy birthday, belated.

Happy belated birthday boy. I know I missed the actual day. But still smile we’ll celebrate your day again.

Hey My superwomen. Sorry I’m late but still Belated Happy birthday. Just stay the way you are because It’s wonderful.

You know I’m already getting vibes of an acceptance of my apology. So Belated Happy birthday Dear. I won’t give you the chance next time just for me this time.